The love Heart Bowl

The love heart Bowl was original designed as a gift for Valentine’s day but soon became a regular addition in our gallery and on out online shop.

You don’t have to wait until Feb the 14th there is always time to spread some love .


These bowls are a prefect wedding present or birthday, anniversary and of course always to say 'I love you'. For those with a sweet tooth the bowls look great filled with brightly coloured candy like smarties or M&Ms.

Each bowl is individually blown as a straight sided bowl before taking the large Italian Tagliol knife and gently forming the heart shape.

The whole process takes two people two days to make, once the bowl has been blown in the hot shop then it rests in the annealing oven for up 20 Hours before going through to the cold working finishing shop where the base of the bowl is cut and polished.

These beautiful bowls come in two sizes Large and small and in a variety of colours.