the rock Decanter

Rock decanter is part of the Rock series and makes a prefect addition to anyone’s drinks collection. Whatever your favourite tipple Whisky - Gin - Port  these decanters look great anytime of the day.

The Rock design which came about through a desire to capture the ruggedly beautiful landscape of the north coast of Scotland and somehow translate -transfer that rugged texture directly onto the glass itself.

Using bespoke handmade tools originally created from actual Rocks, we press these tools into the molten hot glass at 1160 degrees centigrade. This unique process transfers the rough texture of the Rocks to the surface of the glass, all this is done by hand.

Although all care and attention is taken to hand make these products to the same sizes height and width ,part of their unique charm is that no two Glasses and Decanters are exactly the same .

So kick back and fill your glass with whatever you like I can say with some authority your favourite toast will just taste better in a handmade glass from us.